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What if the deepest meaning of your life is to be found in nearly 14 billion years of evolution?

Beyond Soul Growth: Awakening to the Call of Cosmic Evolution

Beyond Soul Growth is a 21st century guidebook to the distinctive spiritual path that centers on co-creatorship. Placing our personal spirituality within the wider context of a collective evolution that involves the development of the cosmos, the biological world, and consciousness itself, this path calls us to become conscious agents of evolution. When we commit ourselves to this path, we take on deepened responsibility to bring expanded consciousness into our thoughts, our bodies, the affairs of this world, and creation itself. In so doing, we further the ongoing evolutionary advance while simultaneously finding our own greatest peace, happiness and fulfillment in life.

Beyond Soul Growth

What Readers Are Saying:

“It's a major work for our times, and just what we need ... And though it speaks on many levels, it's thoroughly integral. Has given me some powerful reminders and some new ways of seeing things.”
John G. - New South Wales, Australia

“A mature work from a deeply experienced teacher... This book is obviously the fruit of many years of meditation... and serious spiritual practice. True to the sources from which she draws, Lynn points us beyond the small ego and toward selfless service and a participation in cosmic evolution. Her work as an educator and life coach shows in her clear writing, helpful examples, and the practical exercises which are found throughout the book.”

John P. - Nashville, TN

“Making sense of the human journey... brings clarity and insight to subject matter that is at the core of the age-old questions of mankind's spiritual purpose. This book is a feast for thought and a catalyst for deep meditation and contemplation. Evolution is and we are and this book is a breath of fresh truth.”

Diane S.

“Enter with an open mind and you will be rewarded... history has shown us... that when mankind asserts himself over the evolutionary process, no good comes of it. Whether something as relatively simple as the inferior health of purebred dogs to the frightening history of eugenics, man controlling evolution is a formula for disaster. So, Ms. Sparrow Christy has her work cut out for her convincing me to assert myself in the evolutionary process. And that she has done, not by assertion in or dominion over the process but by simply yielding to the process, accepting one's responsibility as a being at the foremost edge of the unfolding of the universe.”

Lisa C. - Educator and Urban Homesteader

“I've enjoyed Beyond Soul Growth so much, I've gone through it about three times.”

A. V. - Sales/ Operations - Irvine, CA

“A wonderful book for those on a serious spiritual journey... This may seem like a heavy topic, but Lynn has an extraordinary ability to make difficult subjects quite understandable. And she does it without subtracting from the essence of the material... I enthusiastically recommend this book.”

Anthony B. - Staten Island, NY

“People are overwhelmed daily with reports about tragic global events. In that context, Lynn presents macro views of cosmic evolution and earth's development (assisted by quotes from scientists and spiritual teachers.) She reminds us that our global societies are relatively new and still evolving. She challenges us to listen to inner guidance and take action to advance positive changes in our evolution. I found her perspectives to be encouraging and reassuring. Taking positive action will shift our energy from being fear based, to joining a collective chorus in awakening a new consciousness.”

L. H. H.

"For me you have opened a whole new perspective on where humanity is headed, but also in terms of my personal status as a spiritual being temporarily manifesting in the material and my own evolving consciousness. In your discussion on the machinations of the ego, you hit the nail on the head. I now have a better insight..."

H. Z. - Business Owner - St. Augustine, FL

Is This Book for You?
To find out, consider these questions and concepts...

Is this life just a school for soul growth, a place where we learn from our mistakes until we finally escape incarnation? Or do we have a more exalted purpose? In today's leading edge thought concerning evolutionary spirituality, we find abundant evidence that we are involved in a process of becoming rather than simply returning to our first estate.

A Question:

Beyond Limitations:

Our view of ourselves tends to be so limited - limited by life circumstances, limited by our emotional patterns or our health or our intelligence or our genetics. Even the powerhouses of success, the most brilliant scientists, or those who produce great works of art, literature, and music are just touching the tip of what is possible for a human being to do and to be. The pattern of evolution -- whether cosmological, biological, societal, or spiritual - is to break beyond states of previous limitation to entirely new levels of being and functionality. And for us, incarnation is the unique opportunity to participate in this breakthrough -- not only for our own sakes, but for the sake of evolution itself.

The Challenge and the Promise:

This book challenges you to a deeper level of meaning and purpose that permeates everyday life - including and maybe even especially those places where we struggle most. For only in this embodied life do we have the opportunity to bring consciousness into matter, thus furthering the progress on an ongoing creation in its evolutionary advance.

Beyond Soul Growth is designed to awaken and nurture this evolutionary spirit, using both narrative text and experiential exercises to help you:


  • Learn the difference between the "remedial" and "expansive" views of reincarnation and why it matters which one you embrace.

  • Explore the ways you actively participate -- or decline to participate -- in creation.

  • Make practical the age-old spiritual quest to grow beyond ego’s false identities and manifest your true Self.

  • Find new ways to make meditation an effective transformer of consciousness and enlightened activism in the world.

  • Learn practical ways to bring consciousness to those moments when it is most tempting to hide in your unconscious patterns.

  • Gain new perspective on the problems and setbacks of life, as well as a liberating understanding of your own limitations.

  • Expand your sense of meaning and purpose as you embrace the unique opportunity that this incarnation represents.

Do you have a higher purpose?

For most of human history, all but a privileged few people have been too busy just staying alive, fed, and sheltered to have much time left over to contemplate the big-picture purpose of their existence or to engage in a spiritual practice that extends beyond personal needs. You may well be one of those privileged few. If so, you are greatly needed. From our families to our communities to our nations and to the planet we all depend on, everywhere we look, we can see the need for a new level of solution to the problems we face.  What is the greatest service we can all do for the world today? To be active participants in the next evolutionary advance, to awaken to the call of the cosmos and become co-creative agents of evolution.

How to purchase this book.

Beyond Soul Growth: Awakening to the Call of Cosmic Evolution is available in paperback or download for your Kindle through and available in paperback through the A.R.E. Catalog.

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