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Access Your Potential with Neuro-Linguistics

What are neuro-linguistics?

Neuro-linguistic work deals with the way our inner sensory experience and the language we use to give it form together create patterns of thought, feeling and behavior. The “neuro” part of the term relates to our internal experience of seeing, hearing and feeling, as well as how our neurology is “wired” to experience these phenomena. The “linguistic” part of the term relates to the language with which we give meaning to the experience mediated by our neurology. This collection of practices, used by mega-stars like Tony Robbins, is often called N.L.P., which stands for “neuro-linguistic programming.” The “programming” term, a vestige of the Silicon Valley culture where N.L.P. was born, can sound a bit put-offish. But really it simply describes the way that the ordering and coding of our internal experience, along with the language we use to imbue it with meaning, create our reality. N.L.P. is based on the premise that what gets “programmed” in can be “re-programmed” if it is not working for us.

How can a practitioner help me use neuro-linguistics for effective and lasting change?

The habitual patterns created by our neurology and linguistics become automatic programs of thought, feeling and behavior that perpetuate certain experiences unless or until we re-pattern our neurology and linguistics to create new programs. And we can re-pattern our neurology! So-called “neuro-plasticity” is one of the great discoveries of modern neuro-psychology. Scientists used to think that we were stuck with the “wiring” our brains had when we first reached maturity, but now they know that new neural connections are being made all the time. They also know that not only the brain, but the heart, the gut – virtually the entire body – engages in making these connections. I can help you experience a wide variety of modalities that alter habitual neuro-linguistic patterns in ways that create the kind of experience you want in your life. It’s like taking the language your mind is uniquely equipped to use, and arranging it for optimum results.

Do neuro-linguistic changes last?

Your mind-brain-neurology is phenomenally equipped to adapt. When we fail to make change quickly or with lasting results, it’s usually because we have not changed underlying currents of response to life situations. We can think of self-defeating patterns of thought, feeling, and the way we talk to ourselves as being like ruts in a dirt road.  When it rains, you know what tracks the water is going to flow along!  But if you carve new tracks in that rutted road and fill in the old ones, the water will follow a new course. Just so, neuro-linguistic modalities quickly and effectively create new currents of response that become self-reinforcing because of how much more satisfying they are.

What can I use neuro-linguistics to accomplish? 

Wherever you might want to respond in a new way; install new patterns of excellence; or learn to use your native capacities more fully, neuro-linguistics can be a powerful tool. For example, neuro-linguistics can:

  • Wire in more joy, satisfaction and happiness in your life.

  • Replace dysfunctional, internal “magnets” that cause us to unwittingly draw disappointing relationships or experiences into our lives again and again.

  • Change the habitual, unconscious patterns of thought that keep you from being productive.

  • Transform limiting beliefs and unwanted emotions into new, chosen beliefs and feelings that are linked to successful new outcomes.

  • Learn the secrets to instant rapport with virtually anyone.

  • Take on desirable traits that one of your role models exhibits.

Why work with Lynn Sparrow Christy?

Lynn attained master practitioner status in neuro-linguistics decades ago and has been incorporating its innovative change modalities into her client work ever since. She trained with one of the N.L.P. legends, Tad James, and with the originators of Humanistic N.L.P., John Overdurf and Julie Silverthorn. With Overdurf and Silverthorn, she had the great advantage of experiencing a version of N.L.P. developed beyond its original somewhat mechanistic “programming” flavor to include deeply spiritual and consciousness-expanding practices.


Appointments are available at my Virginia Beach office or (in many cases) via videoconference. Call me at 757-491-3900 or use the form below to request a free telephone consultation to discuss your goals and your options for working toward them. I will contact you just as soon as possible after receiving your request. Your phone number and anything we may discuss during your consultation will be held in strictest confidence and will never be used for any other purpose.

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~ Lynn ~

I had trouble flying which was getting progressively worse over the years. It was getting to the point where flying was not going to be an option due to how nervous I was about the process. My doctor had been prescribing Xanax when I took trips which would make me groggy when deplaning, something you don’t want to deal with when going on vacation. I found Lynn’s number with a quick internet search and set up an appointment a day prior to leaving on a week’s vacation. I was skeptical at first, but was at the end of my rope and willing to try. I cannot stress enough how much it helped even after the first session. I was blown away with how she was able to bring the fear to the surface, and then work with me to alleviate the anxiety. I literally got on a plane at 6am the next morning for a flight to the Caribbean and had no problems. The therapy session proved to be one of the best decisions I have made. It has enabled me to continue my passion for traveling without any anxiety. I have done a few transatlantic flights since with nothing more than the aid of myself, which Lynn was able to bring about. It was truly amazing and I would highly recommend it.

J. M.

Business Owner - Virginia Beach, VA

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