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The Books of Lynn Sparrow Christy

Beyond Soul Growth

Beyond Soul Growth

Awakening to the Call of Cosmic Evolution

Is this life just a school where we learn from our mistakes until we finally escape incarnation, or do we have a more exalted purpose?


This 21st Century guidebook to the unique path of the co-creator explores the possibility that your purpose for being here in the earth -- taking on the struggles and challenges of life -- is about far more than your personal growth. It is about your participation in a single evolution involving the development of not only the cosmos and the biological world, but of consciousness itself.

Reincarnation - Claiming Your Past, Creating Your Future


Claiming Your Past, Creating Your Future

What is reincarnation all about? Can we remember our past lives? We hear a lot about karma, but what about grace?


Reincarnation: Claiming Your Past, Creating Your Future makes reincarnation understandable and practical, offering a clear exposition of the universal laws at work from lifetime to lifetime; tips on how you are already remembering your past lives; guidelines for working with past-life regression; and a look at how karma is not the only law governing the soul’s journey.

Edgar Cayce and Christian Faith

Edgar Cayce and Christian Faith

At the time that I wrote this book, I was very focused on bridge-building. I knew first-hand the crucial personal discernment issues that must be met when one is attempting to expand a very conventional Christian viewpoint to one that incorporates more contemporary forms of spirituality as well as the contributions of other religions.


Through numerous friendly debates with those who were sure my “heresies” would send me to Hell in a handbasket, I also knew the kind of pressure that is exerted to discourage such expansion of thought.


I wrote this book to help people who were in transition sort out the issues and to help those not familiar with the positions of fundamentalist Christianity understand what all the fuss was about.

Articles by Lynn Sparrow Christy

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Edgar Cayce and Evolutionary Spirituality

Upcoming Live Events with Lynn Sparrow Christy

Wednesday, September 25th, 2019 in Virginia Beach, VA

A Free Lecture-Workshop Sponsored by A.R.E.'s Conscious Community

Co-Creating Your Life: Tapping the Field of Infinite Possibilities

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