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What People Are Saying

Read what clients and associates are saying about Lynn Sparrow Christy.

Lynn is able to tap into your deepest wounds and needs and bring things to the surface for you to process and heal. Your life will never be the same after working with this truly gifted woman. I can't even begin to tell you how she has impacted my life, but know that I have never been the same. She is a wonderful educator and exceptional practitioner.  Don't hesitate for a moment reaching out for her help, she will challenge and guide you in ways you never thought of. 

L. S.

Retired RN - Virginia Beach

Throughout the course of nearly forty years of practice as a Clinical Psychologist, I have worked in collaboration with numerous health care providers from a wide variety of professional disciplines. By   far, Lynn Sparrow Christy has been the most valuable resource in contributing to favorable treatment outcomes with my patients. Through her outstanding mastering of hypnosis, Lynn has been able to unblock deeply ingrained unconscious conflicts and to bring about their resolution with each one of the dozens of patients I have referred to her over the last ten years since I first met her. I completely trust her and recommend her with no reservations whatsoever.

Daniele P. McNeill, Ph. D

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Lynn’s ability as a life coach is nothing short of amazing.  She listens carefully then seems to know just the right questions needed to spur one into considering healthy solutions to their own individual issues. As a spiritual mentor, Lynn excels tremendously in her ability to peel back the many and varied layers of self to get to the very root of underlying spiritual issues.   

J. G. H.

Healthcare IT Consultant - Buchanan, VA

It’s been 22 years since you changed my life.  In the summer of 1997, I was pregnant and experiencing some debilitating anxiety… My sanity and my self-esteem were taking a serious beating, and I was convinced that I was weak, stupid, and crazy.  I was physically ill from anxiety, and I was afraid that the stress would harm my unborn baby.  My hypnotherapy sessions with you are still living in me, in my heart and mind.  Right after our sessions, I used hypnobirthing when I had my son.  No drugs at all.  I listened to the personalized tapes you made for me for years, and now I can easily put myself into a deep meditative state when I need to reconnect with myself or sort things out.  One of the messages in your tape to me was, “You will find the strength to do whatever it is you need to do.”  It was such a simple, but powerful message.  I can still remember how calming and convincing your voice sounded on that tape. I trusted you. You gave me the courage to trust myself – my insight and instincts – and I made some very dramatic changes in my life.  I can’t emphasize your part in that enough.  I started believing my own truth and experiences about the world around me, and I started standing up for myself... I’ve had a solid, stable career ever since [and] I’ve been in a loving and supportive relationship with a great guy since 2002.  Lynn, you bring out the best in people.  Your slogan “Access your potential,” is spot on.  You are a gift to the world, and I’m so glad our paths crossed more than two decades ago.   On behalf of all of the people you have helped, thanks for the magic that is you.  


Technical Writer, Portland, OR

Lynn provided spiritual mentoring to me for a year as I sought to redefine life's purpose and meaning following my retirement from clinical social work. She brought a wide base of knowledge, great insight and maturity, a sense of humor and a kind and loving heart to her patient listening, directive questioning, and concrete suggestions for me.  


L.C.S.W. - Wyoming

Lynn has been absolutely phenomenal in helping me with my stress management.  I am currently in a very transitional state in my life where I am going through major career changes as well as life changes.  Lynn has given me tools to combat my stress whenever I feel overwhelmed and immediately changed my way of thinking to a more positive state after one session.  Lynn has an amazing ability to understand exactly what you're feeling just by asking a few probing questions.  Her meditation recordings are very soothing and supportive and have helped me whenever I need to regroup.  I am so glad I was recommended to her and am truly thankful to have found her.   


Financial Analyst - Virginia Beach

I had trouble flying which was getting progressively worse over the years.  It was getting to the point where flying was not going to be an option due to how nervous I was about the process. …My doctor had been prescribing Xanax when I took trips which would make me groggy when deplaning, something you don’t want to deal with when going on vacation.  I found Lynn’s number with a quick internet search and set up an appointment a day prior to leaving on a week’s vacation.  I was skeptical at first, but was at the end of my rope and willing to try.  I cannot stress enough how much it helped even after the first session.  I was blown away with how she was able to bring the fear to the surface, and then work with me to alleviate the anxiety.  I literally got on a plane at 6am the next morning for a flight to the Caribbean and had no problems.  The therapy session proved to be one of the best decisions I have made.  It has enabled me to continue my passion for traveling without any anxiety.  I have done a few transatlantic flights since with nothing more than the aid of myself, which Lynn was able to bring about.  It was truly amazing and I would highly recommend it


Business Owner - Virginia Beach

I have had the pleasure of being on the same program on several occasions with Lynn at venues on both the East and West Coast.  She is the consummate professional in presenting material in an understandable and meaningful way.

James Mullaney

Astronomer & Author of 10 Books on the Science & Spirituality of Stargazing - Lewes, DE

Lynn is a master at her craft and a safe place to do deep work. I have experienced several past life regression sessions with her and never walk away disappointed in the outcome. Her ability to guide you into the deep recesses of your subconscious to extract the very lesson needed is nothing short of masterful. She is a consummate professional and a solid partner in regression therapy.


Entrepreneur - St. Pete Beach, FL

When I was searching for "contentment" in my life, as a professional, wife, and mother of 3 small children, Lynn provided amazing spiritual work within a very short time. She was also able to help my dad finally manage his chronic back pain, which three major surgeries could not do. I never expected my traditional military dad to brag about his hypnosis!


Doctor of Nursing Practices & Master Certified Health Education Specialist, Atlanta GA

I was fortunate enough to be able to take several classes in basic and advanced hypnotherapy from Lynn. She is an amazing teacher. People in the class with me came from all over the country, on several occasions to learn a tremendous amount from Lynn.  I am now using what I learned to bring healing to the people at my church. 

L. S.

Ordained Minister and Reiki Master - Virginia Beach

Lynn is one of the kindest people that I know, she sees the good in you and she points at it. She has helped me change my life into something that I love and I am so grateful for the work we have done together.


Organic Farmer - Elizabeth City, NC

Lynn effectively melded vast amounts of theory and spiritual practices in an all-encompassing form of life-coaching. She listened deeply, conveyed appropriate knowledge, and compassionately supported my quest for insights pertaining to career, improved physical health, and emotional and spiritual growth.

C. M. J., Ph.D.

CPA Business Professor - Springfield, Illinois

I have referred several of my patients to Lynn Sparrow Christy for smoking cessation. Typically, these patients had tried several methods to quit smoking without success, immediate or lasting. They often feel a sense of inadequacy and despair. I sent them to Lynn and, under her expert hypnotic guidance, the narrative begins to change and to evolve through individually tailored imagery so impactful as to create a nonsmoker. Lynn’s technical skills are superb, her delivery is an art, her compassion is palpable; she is a true Master.

Daniele P. McNeill, Ph. D

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Lynn has given me excellent tools to address my stress management issues. I am able to easily add them to my busy daily routine and have felt almost immediate relief as a result. The meditation recording helps tremendously. It’s very calming and soothing. I feel like I have all the tools to help me get where I want to go. I am so thankful that I found her. 


Senior Accountant - Virginia Beach

Lynn's guidance with energy work has helped me embrace my own potential and extend that into my sphere of influence. 


Middle School Teacher - Suffolk, VA

With Lynn’s help and her patient reassurances, I learned to recognize triggers for habits I was previously unaware of and, in many cases, transform them to a more healthy approach.


IT Consultant - Virginia Beach, VA

I was ready for personal, professional, and spiritual growth.  I was impressed and grateful for Lynn’s clear thinking, humility, and empathy.


Retired School Administrator - Ferndale, WA

I worked with Lynn as a life coach and mentor in a year-long spiritual training. She really put her heart and soul into this work and provided guidance through both solid theory and practical exercises.

Dr. I. K.

Associate Professor of Psychology - Arkansas

Lynn's presentations are well-thought out and she makes the profound subject matter come alive - with ease! Her latest book, Beyond Soul Growth is brilliant!  Lynn has inspired thousands of people through her books and lectures and I am certainly one of them!


Musician/Student of Learning - Delaware

Ms. Christy's course was thought- provoking, well organized with focused readings and activities, and challenging. I appreciated her clear thinking and writing, her humility and her empathy. I also appreciated the personal contact time I received. All in all, I was impressed and grateful - for me, her course was transforming. 


Artist - Washington

As a course designer, Lynn is exceptional. The courses were brilliantly laid out to lead beginners and even the most advanced seekers through the spiraling processes required for true spiritual transformation. 

J. G. H.

Healthcare IT Consultant - Buchanan, VA

I am able to stop myself and say, “Do I really want to eat this now?” You’ve helped me to lose 30 lbs.


Senior Accountant - Virginia Beach

Lynn's unique spiritual giftedness has facilitated my growth exponentially!

Deborah Richard

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) - Kentucky

Lynn shows great ability as a spiritual mentor. She is one who cares and is so genuine with her depth of experience. I am fortunate to have significant time spent under her direction.


Retired Professor of Computer Science - Greensboro, NC

Her expertise, patience, and organizational skills were impressive. The course successfully utilized various instructional techniques such as distance learning through group discussion and personal sessions.

Dr. I. K.

Associate Professor of Psychology - Arkansas

Lynn Sparrow Christy is the only person that I trusted to help me bring through profound spiritual concepts and understanding that enabled me to assist many people all over the world.  

Jerry Paul

Author of Dwell in Love: Messages for Those of the Heart - Pine Level, Arkansas

During the 40 years that I've known Lynn, I've never known anyone to persevere on any given subject with such intensity and focus. Also, I consider her humor and excitement about life, along with her ability to see the best in others as very healing attributes. In addition, I believe her awareness and understanding of spiritual truths is "other worldly" and way beyond the scope of many. For these reasons and more, if you're looking for someone to help you find a pathway for healing, I believe Lynn to be an exceptional facilitator for change.


Licensed Professional Counselor - Mercedes, TX

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