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Access Your Potential with Energy Work

What kind of energy are we talking about?

There is a basic life force that flows through all living things and is connected to the breath. This force is sometimes called “subtle energy.” The Chinese call it chi or qi and it is central to such Chinese medicine practices as acupuncture, acupressure and Qigong (literally, "energy work" or "energy cultivation"). The Japanese call it ki (as in Reiki). In other Eastern traditions the word for this energy is prana. Interestingly, in the Judeo-Christian scriptures, the same word can be translated as both "spirit" and "breath," which suggests that this tradition also knew about this “subtle energy” that flows through the body and is related to the breath. The flow of this energy through our physical bodies affects us physically, as well as mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. You might think of it as a force that mediates the mind-body-spirit connection.  When our body energy is vibrant and clear-flowing, we experience wellness and well-being.  When it is blocked, depleted or distorted, we experience a disturbance of wellness and/or well-being.

How is energy work done?

We all have far more influence on our subtle energies than many people realize. They are influenced by (among other things) the ways we breathe, move, direct our thoughts, and direct certain sounds through our bodies. I will guide you through simple yet powerful ways to optimize body energy patterns using these forms of direction. In some cases I will also assist you in breaking through energy blockages by sending energy to you with non-contact hand movements. My primary energy modality is Qigong, although I do draw from several other energy work modalities, including tapping, Energy Medicine, and Energy Psychology.

Why is energy work important if you are changing patterns of behavior, thought, or emotion?

You might think of subtle energy as a blueprint that both reflects patterns we have established in the past and pre-disposes us to repeat those patterns in the present. In some cases, that subtle energy pattern can actually be quite a powerful influence causing you to return to old ways of doing things. When you are changing your thoughts or behaviors, it is helpful to align your subtle energy around these changes as fully as possible, so as to maximize the lasting quality of your change.

What can I use energy work to accomplish?

Energy work may be especially helpful in attaining and maintaining vibrant health and wellness. Many people are also amazed to discover that energy work boosts mental energy and motivation. With simple self-help energy techniques, you can calm yourself when you’re upset and energize yourself when you’re feeling sluggish. It can be a mainstay in your toolbox of stress management techniques. Learning to sense energy flow patterns and places of energy blockage can be enormously helpful to identifying stuck places in our thoughts and feelings. Because energy work does not chase after symptoms, but rather addresses your basic need for abundant, free-flowing energy, there is virtually no limit to the life areas that can be helped with this practice.

Why work with Lynn Sparrow Christy?

Lynn uses energy practices as part of a well-rounded, eclectic approach to wholeness. She can introduce you to a variety of approaches and techniques that will usually be an adjunct to other methods that are part of the personalized program she develops for you.  If your situation calls for an intense energy-work focus, she can refer you to a practitioner who specializes in the form of energy work best suited to your needs.


Appointments are available at my Virginia Beach office or (in many cases) via videoconference. Call me at 757-491-3900 or use the form below to request a free telephone consultation to discuss your goals and your options for working toward them. I will contact you just as soon as possible after receiving your request. Your phone number and anything we may discuss during your consultation will be held in strictest confidence and will never be used for any other purpose.

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Lynn's guidance with energy work has helped me embrace my own potential and extend that into my sphere of influence.

L. C.

Middle School Teacher - Suffolk, VA

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