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About Lynn Sparrow Christy

Lynn Sparrow Christy is a mentor, author, and presenter who has been working in the field of spiritual growth and personal healing for her entire adult life. This work has been shaped by a deep connection to spirituality during childhood that led her through traditional Christian faith to the barrier-shattering work of Edgar Cayce and on to the leading edge thinking that characterizes the contemporary integral/evolutionary movement. Along the way, she has developed an eclectic career as a writer, conference speaker, hypnotherapist-life coach, minister, and trainer.

Lynn Sparrow Christy

She is trained as a master hypnotherapist, hypnosis trainer, life coach and master N.L.P. practitioner. She has also done extensive personal study, training, and practice with energetic modalities such as qigong and energy medicine and often shares these practices with her clients.

Her interest in world religions and the pathways of inner awakening led her to the work of Edgar Cayce when she was still in her teens, and she has been both writing and speaking about that work ever since. In addition, Lynn’s early experience as a pre-seminary major in college led to a somewhat unexpected interlude in interim church ministry for a period of five years, during which she helped two congregations through times of crucial transition. There she had the opportunity to experience first-hand the parallels between personal and institutional change and to appreciate the many shades and nuances of adult spiritual perspective at this time of great upheaval within established religion.

She believes that this diversity in her background, supported by her commitment to ongoing work on herself, allows her to meet people wherever they are in their own lives and belief systems, help them identify hidden resources arising from their individual life histories, and guide them in releasing whatever they are ready to release so that they can move forward in living the kind of life they really want to live.

At her office in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Lynn has worked with thousands of clients from all walks of life on everything from smoking cessation to past-life regression to emotional release of old “baggage.” She loves to help clients achieve personal breakthrough when they have been in a “stuck” state. She also enjoys a collaborative relationship with several psychotherapists and medical doctors who send their patients to her for body-mind-spirit therapies as an adjunct to their own treatment plans.

Much of this one-on-one work can now also be done via virtual platforms like Zoom, making it possible for those who can’t travel to Virginia Beach to get the same personalized attention.

While no longer actively training others in the hypnosis field, Lynn takes great satisfaction in seeing numerous former students continuing to change lives in their own successful client work. This leveraging of our own growth and experience by passing it on to others who in turn find their unique ways to share it with others is a core aspect of the collective evolution in consciousness that is central to Lynn’s personal ideals.

Lynn’s conference design and presentation experience, which has spanned four decades and taken her all over North America and several international locations, covers a wide range of growth themes. Practical application of spiritual beliefs, values clarification, meditation training, intuitive development, past-life recall, dream work, and overcoming limiting patterns and beliefs are mainstays of her conference and retreat work.

Her books include:


She authored the home-study courses, Meditation Made Easy and How to Discover Your Past Lives and is the developer and online mentor of several internet-based courses, including: The Path of the Co-Creator: Living the Evolutionary Perspective; Karma and Destiny: Working with Universal Law to Change Your Life; Apprenticed to the Master: Following Jesus in the 3rd Millennium; and Life Lessons and Soul Purpose.

Lynn, you bring out the best in people.  Your slogan “Access your Potential,” is spot on.  You are a gift to the world, and I’m so glad our paths crossed more than two decades ago.   On behalf of all of the people you have helped, thanks for the magic that is you.  


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