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Access Your Potential with Spiritual Mentoring

Why work with a spiritual mentor?

The spiritual path presents an interesting puzzle. The awakening that starts us off originates in our most personal, interior spaces, yet ultimately it is a path that cannot be walked solo. Because the path in its essence is a journey from fragmentation to wholeness, it is largely in and through relationships that our growth occurs. Some people are fortunate enough to have a group of fellow-travelers who can be a source of support, inspiration, and fresh perspectives that spur further growth. Some people may simply have a friend or partner in spiritual exploration, and they too are very fortunate. Many others are spiritually lonely. It doesn’t matter how big and loving your circle of family and friends may be, if no one among them shares your quest for spiritual connection, you may feel profoundly lonely at times. And everyone has those times when we need input from someone who has either walked the path longer than we have, or done it from a different point of view.

What does a spiritual mentor do?

A spiritual mentor is one who will walk with you through passages in the most important journey of your life. Unlike a guru or spiritual teacher, a mentor is not there to present a set of beliefs but rather to work with you within the framework of your own beliefs - or guide your process of discovering for yourself what those beliefs are. A spiritual mentor is always happy to share helpful aspects of her or his own experience, when asked. An experienced mentor will have been through many of the highs and challenges that will occur in any long-term spiritual unfolding, and is like a guide on a mountain trek who knows where some of the pitfalls - and some of the most spectacular vistas - are.

What, specifically, occurs during a spiritual mentoring session?

The topics that your session covers will be as varied and individual as you are, but a few of the things that frequently take place during a spiritual mentorship session include:


  • Clarification of your ideals, values, and core beliefs.

  • Probing ideas that you may have found meaningful in books, lectures, videos, and other forms of exploration. A mentor may be able to suggest additional resources of this nature to keep you growing.

  • Discussion of things that come up as you attempt to live your beliefs in the tangled world of work, family, and community relationships. How do you actually live the things that inspire you?

  • Guided instruction in deeper meditation - or just getting started, if meditation is a challenge for you, as it is for so many people.

  • Dreamwork. Every night your deeper self opens up a world of guidance and enhanced perspective that often goes ignored or is so confusing that you forget about it. Talking about your dreams with a mentor can be the key to navigating your own wellspring of spiritual wisdom.

  • Sorting out the interface between your spiritual quest for wholeness and elements of your personal history that have fortified your sense of separation. And then mapping out ways to address those fortifications!

Why work with Lynn Sparrow Christy?

Lynn comes with a perspective that only decades on the spiritual path and engagement with a variety of spiritual communities can bring. She began an earnest spiritual walk as a child in the basement of a Baptist Sunday school, expanded her studies to world religions in early adolescence, discovered alternate forms of spirituality in the work of Edgar Cayce when she was 15, received her degree in psychology with a minor in theology, and spent most of her adult life as a speaker, writer, and course developer in areas directly connected to personal spirituality. In the second half of her life, she became intensely drawn to integral and evolutionary thinking, as reflected in her book, Beyond Soul Growth: Awaking to the Call of Cosmic Evolution. Ever an eclectic thinker, Lynn is able to work comfortably within her clients’ different belief systems, from “spiritual but not religious” to Judeo-Christian to Muslim to Buddhist, Taoist, Hindu, Sikh, and B’Hai. She served successfully as an interim minister for two churches in a mainstream denomination, all the while seeing clients for hypnosis and past-life regressions! Approaching 60 years now on the spiritual path, Lynn freely admits to having been through the lowest of lows as well as the highest of highs along the way. She brings the compassion and understanding that comes from those experiences to every session.

For more on Lynn’s approach to the spiritual path, watch the video conversation with her friend and colleague, Eileen Malo. 


Appointments are available at my Virginia Beach office or (in many cases) via videoconference. Call me at 757-491-3900 or use the form below to request a free telephone consultation to discuss your goals and your options for working toward them. I will contact you just as soon as possible after receiving your request. Your phone number and anything we may discuss during your consultation will be held in strictest confidence and will never be used for any other purpose.

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~ Lynn ~

When I was searching for "contentment" in my life, as a professional, wife, and mother of 3 small children, Lynn provided amazing spiritual work within a very short time. She was also able to help my dad finally manage his chronic back pain, which three major surgeries could not do. I never expected my traditional military dad to brag about his hypnosis.


Doctor of Nursing Practices & Master Certified Health Education Specialist

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