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I wrote this book to help people who were in transition sort out the issues...

Edgar Cayce and Christian Faith

At the time that I wrote this book, I was very focused on bridge-building. I knew first-hand the crucial personal discernment issues that must be met when one is attempting to expand a very conventional Christian viewpoint to one that incorporates more contemporary forms of spirituality as well as the contributions of other religions.

Edgar Cayce and Christian Faith by Lynn Sparrow Christy

Through numerous friendly debates with those who were sure my “heresies” would send me to Hell in a handbasket, I also knew the kind of pressure that is exerted to discourage such expansion of thought.


I wrote this book to help people who were in transition sort out the issues and to help those not familiar with the positions of fundamentalist Christianity understand what all the fuss was about.


In the decades since then, the focus of my work and the breadth of my perspective has continued to grow, as it does for most of us if we are committed to ongoing development.


I would never suggest that "fundamental" Christianity gets to set the standards concerning what is and what is not “real” Christianity, but in an age where the ability to consider multiple perspectives stands in sharp contrast to fundamentalism of all stripes, it is perhaps more important than ever that we be able to address key issues at stake.

Readers of Edgar Cayce and Christian Faith seem to agree:


  • [This book is a] “must-read for all Christians! If you have Christian friends and family who think you have been 'misled' by the Cayce material, then I strongly encourage you to get them a copy of this book! It just might help bridge the gap between you and bring healing.”

  • “Refreshing prose, easy to understand and enlightening. This particular perspective was helpful to me, as my spiritual awakening originated in a Fundamentalist church. I imagine it will help others of the same inclination.”

  • “For years I have struggled [with the questions] Where do I belong? Where were people like me? Well one of them has written a deeply moving book proclaiming love of God & Christianity and what that can be. I wish we had more literature from people like Ms. Sparrow that share their faith in this way. It touched my soul and is definitely a rare find in today’s books.”

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