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Opening Up to Grace

Opening Up to Grace

If the workings of karma may be likened to a great stream that has a directional pull toward every positive quality we could imagine, the law of grace could be likened to the realization that we are already a part of that stream. Karma is the impersonal action of God in all that is, a universal law that operates just like the physical laws that we can observe in the universe all around us. Grace is more interior; it flows from not only our own deepest nature, but more important, from the love that characterizes our primary, primordial bond with the Source that brought us into being.

Opening up to grace involves a temporary surrender, a not-doing rather than a doing. It is a respite from effort-making, simply allowing our natural, underlying oneness with God to be sufficient. This approach is not one that encourages passivity in life, however, for this opening to grace equips us to make more grace-influenced choices as we go back out into our lives and the world.

Listen Here or Download the Guided Meditation on Opening Up to Grace

Click on the Titles Below to Download the Diagrams from the White Board:

Karma and the Directional Flow of the Universe

How Karma Affects Us


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For more on the cosmology in which grace exists, watch this interview about
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